Plaques 4 Women & Minorities

Nominations for More Women and Minorities for the Wall.

On the College Green side of Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium (TBAMA), bronze plaques commemorate distinguished visitors to Athens and Ohio University.

We seek more representation of women and minorities.

Any and all interested people, please send any and all nominations for past visitors who should be especially remembered and honored.

Download the official OU nomination form (Word doc). Very important—the bottom of the form specifies to send nomination forms directly to Alan Geiger, Assistant to the President, at Cutler Hall.

Download an alphabetical list of visitors (pdf).
Download an chronological list of visitors (pdf).

For more information or to help in the effort to get “others” on the wall, contact Judy Daso at 740-592-4679 or daso -at-


One Response

  1. I searched THE POST indexes for past visitors and compiled a list of “Possible Visitors to Honor.”
    I highlighted some accomplishments of the biggest names, although I really have no favorites.
    I hope that Athens area residents will consider nominating people from this list, or other speakers, performers, etc. they may recall. When the wall on Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium is more inclusive, it will show the University’s commitment to diversity and equal treatment.

    Judy Daso 3/5/07

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