Saturday, October 20, 5-9 pm & Sunday, October 21, 2007, 2-7 pm

132 W State St, Athens, Ohio

A community celebration of the visual, performing, and culinary arts!

Both days: Visual Art from more than 20 local artists.

Saturday: On stage (Those that I know are female are in CAPS.)

  • 5:00 LEAH MILLER – belly dancer
  • 5:15 Rusty Rittenhouse – magician
  • 5:45 DOMINIKA ADAMOVA and Frank McDermott – poetry and music
  • 6:05 Ehryan Everson – dancer
  • 6:10 QUINN SCHMALLENBERG and Zion Everson – dancers
  • 6:15 Pete Wuscher and Matthew Bryant – music
  • 6:45 Ethan Greene – music
  • 7:15 Steve Zarate – music
  • 7:45 Designated Spaces – spoken word
  • 8:15 Bad Chemicals – music
  • 8:45 LEAH MILLER and JANE PALMER – fire dancer and drums

Saturday: Downstairs

  • Kids in Action
  • Haunted House Knit/Weave Workshop
  • OU T-Com children’s presentation
  • Chris Tomazik

Sunday: On stage

  • 2:00 LEAH MILLER – belly dancer
  • 2:15 NGOMA – drum circle
  • 2:45 Rusty Rittenhouse – magician
  • 3:15 Ehryah Everson – dancer
  • 3:20 QUINN SCHMALLENBERG and Zion Everson – dancers
  • 3:30 Ethan Greene – music
  • 4:00 LIZ PAHL – music
  • 4:30 Heartlanders – music
  • 5:00 Reyshan Parker – play “Best Intentions”

Sunday: Downstairs

  • Kids in Action
  • Haunted House Knit/Weave Workshop
  • OU T-Com’s children’s presentation
  • Xen Glick – 5-7

Some Girl(s)

Some Girl(s)
Lost Flamingo Company

Friday, October 18 & Saturday, October 19, 2007, 8pm
Scripps Hall Auditorium
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
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Neil LaBute’s Some Girl(s) is a comedy straight from the trenches of the war between the sexes. “Guy,” a writer known only by that moniker, revisits four women from his past on his way up the aisle of matrimony. He invites each to his hotel room (in four different cities), intent on making sure there are no hard feelings, even though he has previously used their time together as material for his fictional work. In this bold tale of love cast aside, “Guy” learns a shocking truth about the price each woman has paid for his youthful cowardice. —

Lost Flamingo Company is a student-run Ohio University organization that provides all majors a chance to participate in the production of theater. Everyone involved from directors to actors to stage managers are students.

Facebook members: event

Gail Kern Paster: Annual Shakespeare Lecture

Gail Kern Paster “Head to Head: The Dialogue of Skin and Skull in Holbein and Hamlet”
Wednesday, October 17, 2007, 5-7 pm

Margaret M. Walter Hall, Room 145
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
A reception will follow and all are welcome.

This year’s OU Department of English Annual Shakespeare Lecture features Dr. Gail Kern Paster exploring the unexpected connections between Hans Holbein’s 1533 portrait, The Ambassadors, which famously includes a distorted skull at the bottom edge of the painting, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which likewise features the famous skull of Yorick.

Dr. Paster is one of the foremost Shakespeare scholars in the U.S. Her research has focused on literary representation of the body in Renaissance culture, demonstrating that the automatic separation between mind and body in modern thought was not one that Shakespeare’s audience would have shared. Her books include Humoring the Body: Emotion and the Shakespearean Stage (2004), The Body Embarrassed: Drama and Disciplines of Shame in Early Modern England (1993), The Idea of the City in the Age of Shakespeare (1985), and she has recently co-edited a collection of essays, Reading the Early Modern Passions: Essays in the Cultural History of Emotion (2004). Dr. Paster taught for many years as a professor in the English Department at George Washington University, and she is currently the director of the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C. She is also the senior editor of Shakespeare Quarterly.

The OU English Department’s Annual Shakespeare Lecture is funded by an endowment which seeks to ensure that the study and appreciation of Shakespeare remains a vital experience for Ohio University undergraduates and the entire university community. The annual lecture series brings leading national figures in the study of Shakespeare to campus.

Contact: escobedo -at-

Teen Theater Workshop: Just a Joke

Teen Theater Workshop: Just a Joke
Wednesday, October 10, 7 PM

132 W State St, Athens, Ohio
$1; donations to help support further workshops accepted

The Teen Theater Workshop proudly presents the workshop presentation of “Just a Joke” by Michael Scanlon.

This one-act play runs about 45 minutes, and tells the story of a teen comedienne and the women in her life with both great humor, and great drama. The play was collectively created with teens at the Choate Rosemary Hall Summer Theater Institute, and addresses relationships between teen women, sisters, mothers, teachers and friends with humor and compassion.

Play produced by special arrangement with Baker’s Plays, Quincy, MA.

  • Katie Schmittauer plays Libby Chandler, comedienne
  • Katy Shusta plays Meg, her friend
  • Els Doppen plays Molly, her younger sister
  • Ryan Gilliom plays Linda, her mother
  • Rachel Weekley plays Ms. Russell, her teacher
  • Rheal Radwany plays Andrea, her older sister
  • Emma Ryan is assistant director/crew
  • Directed by Sarah Guthrie

If you wish to be notified of future Teen Theater Workshops (either to participate or to view) contact Sarah Guthrie damfarmgirl -at-

The Humble Play: Appalachian New Play Festival

The Humble Play: Appalachian New Play Festival
Monday, October 1 thru Saturday, October 6, 2007

132 W State St, Athens, Ohio
$3 per reading or $20 week pass

Humble Play is returning for a second year. All performances and activities are held at ARTS/West. Following last year’s success, ARTS/West solicited and accepted new plays from Appalachian playwrights. Five winning plays were chosen from the received plays and will receive readings open to the public.

Women in caps.

  • Oct 1, 6:30pm – Lecture Workshop on Youth Drama by MARY TENSING.
  • Oct 2, 7 pm – “Canterbury Tales Revisited” by CELESTE PARSONS.
  • Oct 3, 7 pm – “Frog Hollar” by W. R. Smiddie
  • Oct 4, 7 pm – “Liberation” by SARAH GUTHRIE.
  • Oct 5, 7 pm – “Hearts of Clover” by KATHLEEN KRAMER
  • Oct 6, Noon – Youth Division Readings
  • Oct 6, 2 pm – Senior’s Readers Theater
  • Oct 6, 6 pm – Closing reception
  • Oct 6, 7 pm – “Spoiling Prayers” by David Muschell

Tickets: O’Betty’s on W. State Street, Haffa’s Record Store on W. Union Street, and Blue Eagle on Court St.

See: Athens County Visitor’s Bureau entry

Contact: 740-592-4315

Voices of Men with Ben Atherton-Zeman

Voices of Men with Ben Atherton-Zeman
Wednesday, September 19, 8 pm

Baker Center Ballroom
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Free and open to the public

Voices of Men ( is an informative and entertaining multi-media play that deals with important issues such as sexual assault, consent, and dating violence. Ben Atherton-Zeman has thirteen years of experience working at domestic violence programs and rape crisis centers. September is Sexual Assault Awareness Month @ OU.

Contact: childrea -at-

Open Auditions for Teen Women

Open Auditions for Teen Women: Sarah Guthrie’s Teen Theater Workshop
Saturday, August 25, 2007, 1 PM

ARTS/West (
132 W. State St, Athens, Ohio

Announcing open auditions for women ages 13-19 in roles from age 15 to 40 for the production of Sarah Guthrie’s Teen Theater Workshop.

The Workshop will be rehearsing and presenting two one-act plays for women, The Audition Is Over: A Drama in One Act for Six Women by John Kirkpatrick (famous actress auditions girl torn by mother’s and coach’s plans for her) and Just a Joke by Michael Scanlon (young girl’s jokes cause trouble in relationships with friend, sisters, mother, and teacher) on October 12 and 13.

Ms. Guthrie asks all participants to prepare a short, un-memorized poem or monologue to perform. Please be prepared to stay until at least 3 PM. Some actresses may be asked to stay until 4 PM for further assessment, so please plan accordingly. More details will be available at the audition.

The director and coordinator of the Teen Theater Workshop is Sarah Guthrie, teacher and former Athens Middle School drama coordinator. Workshop rehearsals will be Wednesdays from 7-9 PM and Saturdays from 1-3 PM.

The Ohio Arts Council helped fund this organization with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans.