We Are Dying

download flyer“We Are Dying”
by Up In Arms
Monday, November, 5, 2007, 6-10pm

Scripps Hall Amphitheater
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Free; donations accepted

This Monday, Up in Arms invites you to attend “We Are Dying,” a nonpartisan interactive tribute to the U.S. Troops and Iraqi civilians affected by the war in Iraq.

Please join us for an evening of performance and reflection surrounding the war in Iraq. At 6pm, members of Up In Arms will be performing select e-mails, letters, and poetry from Operation Homecoming, an NEA initiative to help U.S. Troops and their families write about wartime experiences.

Take a minute to listen to the words of our Troops – our peers, friends, and family; to take in the names and faces of the 4,141 coalition casualties and their stories; to witness the toll the ongoing war takes on Iraqi children and their families

Join us in our letter writing campaign (stationary and postage provided), or help assemble care packages for Any Soldier‘s adopt-a-battalion program. Donations will be collected for the UNICEF Iraqi Children’s fund.

Special thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts, the @Lab and Nathan Berger, OU ROTC, College Democrats, and the School of Theater.

Facebook members: event



Saturday, October 20, 5-9 pm & Sunday, October 21, 2007, 2-7 pm

132 W State St, Athens, Ohio

A community celebration of the visual, performing, and culinary arts!

Both days: Visual Art from more than 20 local artists.

Saturday: On stage (Those that I know are female are in CAPS.)

  • 5:00 LEAH MILLER – belly dancer
  • 5:15 Rusty Rittenhouse – magician
  • 5:45 DOMINIKA ADAMOVA and Frank McDermott – poetry and music
  • 6:05 Ehryan Everson – dancer
  • 6:10 QUINN SCHMALLENBERG and Zion Everson – dancers
  • 6:15 Pete Wuscher and Matthew Bryant – music
  • 6:45 Ethan Greene – music
  • 7:15 Steve Zarate – music
  • 7:45 Designated Spaces – spoken word
  • 8:15 Bad Chemicals – music
  • 8:45 LEAH MILLER and JANE PALMER – fire dancer and drums

Saturday: Downstairs

  • Kids in Action
  • Haunted House Knit/Weave Workshop
  • OU T-Com children’s presentation
  • Chris Tomazik

Sunday: On stage

  • 2:00 LEAH MILLER – belly dancer
  • 2:15 NGOMA – drum circle
  • 2:45 Rusty Rittenhouse – magician
  • 3:15 Ehryah Everson – dancer
  • 3:20 QUINN SCHMALLENBERG and Zion Everson – dancers
  • 3:30 Ethan Greene – music
  • 4:00 LIZ PAHL – music
  • 4:30 Heartlanders – music
  • 5:00 Reyshan Parker – play “Best Intentions”

Sunday: Downstairs

  • Kids in Action
  • Haunted House Knit/Weave Workshop
  • OU T-Com’s children’s presentation
  • Xen Glick – 5-7

Ohio Lesbian Festival 2007

SIREN: A Call to Celebrate Womyn’s Power
Presented by the Ohio Lesbian Festival and Jetgirl Productions
Saturday, September 8, 2007, gates open @ 11AM

Frontier Ranch
8836 York Rd SW, Pataskala, Ohio
Tickets: Advanced (online) seniors/students $30, 16 and over $35; @ Door all $40

This all day event, open to all women: lesbian, bi, trans, or straight, features a range of performances, workshops, and a craft market area. The Festival is a nonprofit, volunteer driven event designed to promote womyn’s economy, community and art. The Festival was founded on the premise that Lesbians and queer womyn need opportunities to recognize and support each other, to define our culture, and to build our own support systems.

Frontier Ranch is near Kirkersville, 35 mins east of Columbus and less than 1.5 hrs from Athens. Check out http://www.ohiolba.org/ for all sorts of information such as ticket purchasing, ride sharing, faqs, lodging, merchants, workshops, and more.

More than twenty performers in 4 venues, including national acts such as Lucie Blue Tremblay and Nedra Johnson. Workshops include Simple Living, Integrative Healing & Spirituality, Singing in Sacred Circle, and Financial Fitness 101. A complete list of workshop topics and times can be found online, along with listings for more than 55 booths/vendors.

Volunteers who work at least a four hour shift get in FREE! If you are interested in volunteering please contact Pia Farrell ASAP at pfarr83899 -at- aol.com or call 614-403-5061

Hip Hop Congress Conference / Martha Diaz Keynote Speaker

Martha Diaz, Keynote Speaker
6th Annual Hip Hop Congress Conference

July 4-8, 2007
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Registration is $30 for all daytime conference events and includes a T-shirt

Schedule and registration info: (http://blog.hiphopcongress.com/national-organization/national-conference-2007/)

OUtlook story: http://www.ohio.edu/outlook/06-07/June/735n-067.cfm says While most daytime activities in Bentley Hall or Baker Center are limited to conference registrants, outdoor and evening performances on each day can be attended by the public.

Press release from (http://blog.hiphopcongress.com/national-organization/national-conference-2007/) is below.

The 6th Annual Hip Hop Congress Conference will reflect many of the movements taking place within the world of Hip Hop organizing while remaining true to the values and history of Hip Hop Congress.

The Hip Hop Congress is a 501(3)c non-profit organization that was started as an arts and culture collective, that has evolved of the course of the years into a cultural organizing model that includes campus organizing through students and faculty, cultural organizing and networking through artists, activists and journalists, and the development of a national and international service infrastructure.

With over 50 chapters across the country–both community and campus–at various stages of development, Hip Hop Congress aims to balance the critical importance of supporting the growth and collectivity of these chapters, while emphasizing the relevance of various partnerships through out the US. This type of activity is reflected in such conference details as Keynote Speaker MARTHA DIAZ (http://www.hiphopassociation.org/about/about_mddetail.php), President and Founder of H2A International Film Festival (http://www.h2oiff.org/). At a time when Don Imus and the leadership and position of Women in Hip Hop is a center piece of discussion, Martha Diaz as an individual, and H2A as an organization is a shining example of what is possible through the imagination, determination and vision that ever present in the Hip Hop Community.

The goal of this year’s national conference will be to continue refining a national service infrastructure alongside a variety of other national organizations, student groups, artists and partners. In addition, we will explore important organizational and cultural concepts and the critical issue of sustainability. We will also be revisiting our mission statement to reflect the changes taking place in the Hip Hop community as well as within the organization. We invite the Hip Hop and Ohio community to come and participate in and observe this process.

Workshops are scheduled to include intensive sessions on the initial four elements of Hip-Hop, interactive discussions on, Hip-Hop and Education, WOMEN IN HIP-HOP, Event Planning, the Recording Industry (Independent and Corporate),Audio Production, Youth Violence, Media Production and Justice and more. One element that Shamako Noble, president and Executive Director of Hip Hop Congress says is key is Regional Networking. “A lot of people say that all politics is local. Well there’s also a lot to be said for regional organization in culture and how it plays a role in what we do and how we do it. I am excited about approaching that as something to explore during this years conference.”

HHC will also be delving a variety of different human rights and social justice models as presented by Advisory Committee Co Chairs ALYSSA MACY (http://www.nvisionit.org/alyssamacy.html) (Political Consultant) and Dr. James G. White (Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors), The Midwest Regional Education and Mobilization Department of Unite Here, CHERI HONKALA (http://www.kwru.org/get%20involved/speaking_for_ourselves.htm) and other members of the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign and many others. Further, the Conference will feature and present information and direct connections to the Health Care for All Ohioans Act and the SPAN campaign, who is a key organizer in that movement.

Additionally, each night will feature performances showcasing independent acts that reflect the diversity of music and spoken word poetry emerging from this country. Some of these acts include Mykill Miers, Dlabrie, The Chicago Community Collective, DJ Roosevelt Treasure Chest, Blueprint, and many acts yet to be named.

The conference will also host central conversations on how this network can continue to develop and offer economic and social opportunity to independent artists and cultural producers throughout the country in performances, education, digital distribution and a variety of other areas. We invite artists, labels and cultural collectives to participate, bring promotional materials, and network with our chapters, artists and partners. We especially invite the Ohio Hip Hop Community out to participate and be a part of what goes down.

“Angels and Wings” Multi-Media Dance Theater Performance

“Angels and Wings” Multi-Media Dance Theater Performance
8 PM: Friday, March 9 & Saturday, March 10
2 PM: Saturday, March 10

ARTS/West (http://artswest.blogspot.com/)
132 W. State St, Athens, Ohio
adults $8; 16 & under $5; under 5 free

Choregraphed and directed by Missy Whaley.
Video and sound by Steve Fetsch. Continue reading

Women Acting for Change: Women’s Poetry Night

Women’s Poetry Night
Women Acting for Change
Tuesday, March 6, 2007, 9-11 PM

Donkey Coffee and Espresso (http://www.donkeycoffee.com/)
17 1/2 W. Washington St, Athens, Ohio
Donations for My Sister’s Place

This week the Donkey’s open stage poetry night will feature a special emphasis on women and women’s voices in poetry and spirit. Continue reading

Women’s Studies Faculty & Grad Colloquium: Laura Larson

Laura Larson: “Electric Girls” and “The Invisible World”
Women’s Studies Colloquium for faculty and graduate students
Friday, March 2, 4pm

Baker Center 239 (http://www.ohiou.edu/center)
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Laura Larson (http://www.lauralarson.net/), Assistant Professor, Photography, will present a working script for two interrelated works, “Electric Girl” and “The Invisible World”-—a series of photographs and a video—-about the 19th century spiritualist medium Eusapia Palladino. Continue reading