Carlton Pearson: The Gospel of Inclusion

Bishop Carlton Pearson: The Gospel of Inclusion
Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 7-9pm

Baker Center Ballroom
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Free and open to the public

Having rejected his religious tradition’s belief in a literal hell, lost his 5,000-member mega-church, and formally been declared a heretic in 2004, Bishop Carlton Pearson has emerged as a leading voice calling for radical acceptance.

Preaching the Gospel of Inclusion, Pearson emphasizes God’s irrepressible love for all and welcomes gay people, AIDS patients, religious skeptics, and all others into his ministry.

Once an Evangelical heavyweight, sharing the pulpit with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, Pearson believes that God explicitly delivered the Gospel of Inclusion to him, initiating a whirlwind of events that drastically changed his life and his faith. Pearson’s unwavering commitment to spreading the message of inclusion is taking root at his renamed church, New Dimensions Worship Center, in Tulsa, Oklahoma and he is enjoying a resurgent popularity among a more diverse population than he has ever reached before. Unlikely and fascinating, his story begs to be told.

On Wednesday, he will talk to Professor Steve Hays’ course on Religious Beliefs, from 3-5 p.m. in the South Pole of Nelson Commons, also free and open to the public.



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