Rev. Bradley Schmeling on The Church, Society, and Homosexuality

Rev. Bradley Schmeling on The Church, Society, and Homosexuality
Wed, Oct 17, 2007, 7 pm

Christ Lutheran Church
69 Mill St, Athens, Ohio

Rev. Bradley Schmeling will give a public talk in the church sanctuary, open to all interested people. The session will review some of the theological and social issues in church and society regarding homosexuality.

Rev. Schmeling, a graduate of Ohio University and a peer minister at Christ Church during that time, was at the center of discussion at the recent national convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (August, Chicago). Because he has a spouse who is male, a former Lutheran pastor himself, Bradley was put on trial and removed from the list of approved clergy by his bishop and the national church. He remains the pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Atlanta because his congregation supports him whole-heartedly and Lutheran bishops have been encouraged to refrain from further action against gay pastors in committed partnerships.

St. John’s Lutheran Church “Trial Update,” an information-rich page.

Contact: 740 593 3144 or clchurch -at-


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