Pottery & Pit Firing Workshop with Kosia Oshiro

In the Tradition of the First Ohioans: A Pottery and Pit Firing Workshop with Kosia Oshiro
Saturday, October 20, 1 pm & Sunday, November 4, 2007, 9:30 am-all day
94 Columbus Rd, Athens, Ohio

On October 20 we will make creations from clay. On November 4 we will share the experience of the ancient tradition of pit firing pottery. Bring food to share and dress to be outdoors. There will be time for talking and music.

Kosia Oshiro specializes in pit-firing pottery, an old way of firing done in the style of the Ohio Shawnee, using the native clays of the area. She is a member of the United Remnant Band of Shawnee of Ohio, and has produced a number of modern day firings of Shawnee pottery on land owned by the Shawnee up near Zane’s Caverns.

Contact: Paulette Halliday to register at 740-592-3854 or pauletteh -at- acenetworks.org. Presenting Organization: Art of Ohio


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