Janet Berry Hess on Ghana’s Art & History

Janet Berry Hess “Spectacular Nation: Beauty, Battle, and Ghanaian Decolonization”
Part of the conference Perspectives on African Decolonization
Monday, October 15, 2007, 11 am-12:45 pm

Baker Center, Rm 240
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Free and open to the public

Perspectives on African Decolonization: 50 Years of Independence is sponsored by the African Studies Program and College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio University. Conference begins Monday, 6pm and ends Tueday 5pm and commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of decolonization in Africa, starting with Ghana, and working up to 1960. It initiates an extended conversation around the theme “Perspectives on African Decolonization” by staging a series of academic conferences at OU to commemorate these significant moments in African history and to reflect upon the legacies of fifty years of “independence” in Africa.

Janet Berry Hess, J.D., Ph.D., received a doctorate from the University of Iowa College of Law, a Masters in art history from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in art history from Harvard University. She has taught at the University of Cape Town, South Africa; the University of California Santa Cruz; and Northwestern University. She is presently assistant professor at Sonoma State University, and has published widely on Ghanaian art, architecture, and visual culture in the decolonization era (notably in Art and Architecture in Postcolonial Africa), as well representations of the body in post-apartheid South Africa, and the architecture of the postcolonial era in Tanzania.

Contact: Dr. Nick Creary at creary -at- ohio.edu or 740-593-4355


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