Teen Theater Workshop: Just a Joke

Teen Theater Workshop: Just a Joke
Wednesday, October 10, 7 PM

132 W State St, Athens, Ohio
$1; donations to help support further workshops accepted

The Teen Theater Workshop proudly presents the workshop presentation of “Just a Joke” by Michael Scanlon.

This one-act play runs about 45 minutes, and tells the story of a teen comedienne and the women in her life with both great humor, and great drama. The play was collectively created with teens at the Choate Rosemary Hall Summer Theater Institute, and addresses relationships between teen women, sisters, mothers, teachers and friends with humor and compassion.

Play produced by special arrangement with Baker’s Plays, Quincy, MA.

  • Katie Schmittauer plays Libby Chandler, comedienne
  • Katy Shusta plays Meg, her friend
  • Els Doppen plays Molly, her younger sister
  • Ryan Gilliom plays Linda, her mother
  • Rachel Weekley plays Ms. Russell, her teacher
  • Rheal Radwany plays Andrea, her older sister
  • Emma Ryan is assistant director/crew
  • Directed by Sarah Guthrie

If you wish to be notified of future Teen Theater Workshops (either to participate or to view) contact Sarah Guthrie damfarmgirl -at- gmail.com


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