Women’s Studies Faculty & Grad Colloquium: Ruth Palmer

Ruth Palmer: A Discussion of “Hesiod’s Mortar”
Women’s Studies Colloquium for faculty and graduate students
Friday, October 5, 2007, 4-6 PM

Baker Center 233
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

download flyerDr. Ruth Palmer, Department of Classics and World Religion, will lead a discussion on “Hesiod’s Mortar.”

The Greek poet Hesiod lived and composed in the 8th century BCE. His poem “Works and Days” is known for its misogynistic account of Pandora, the first woman, and for his doctrine of self-sufficiency through farming. But because of his view of women as drones who do no work, there are odd gaps in Hesiod’s account of farm work. By comparing Hesiod’s account of farm life to the division of labor known from traditional Greek farming, and the views of women’s work in the Homeric epics, it is clear that despite his misogynistic message about women, he cannot eliminate all references to the women’s work which was integral to the wellbeing of the Greek household.

This is part of the Ohio University Women’s Studies Program Colloquium for faculty and graduate students.

To facilitate discussion, please request a copy of the paper from godby -at- ohio.edu or 740-593-4686.


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