Paula Crisostomo “Walkout: The Struggle for Equality in Education”

Paula Crisostomo “Walkout: The Struggle for Equality in Education”
Keynote Speaker: Hispanic Heritage Month
Tuesday, October 2, 2007, 7:30pm

Baker Center Theater
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

In March 1968, then-17-year-old Paula Crisostomo led the largest high school student protest in the nation’s history. The walkout took place in March 1968 and involved Mexican-American students from five East Los Angeles high schools who walked out of their classes to protest the substandard quality of their education. Within two weeks, more than 20,000 high school students in the city walked out of their high schools in support of the protesters. It was the first major mass protest against racism by Mexican-Americans. The film WALKOUT is based on these events.

In addition to sharing her story in speaking engagements around the country, Crisostomo serves as director of government and community relations at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Leader of Mexican-American student protest to speak,” OUtlook, 9/25/2007

Part of Hispanic Heritage Month @ OU. National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated each September 15–October 15 in the U.S. to recognize the contributions made by people of Hispanic descent and to celebrate Hispanic culture. Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15 because it is the anniversary of five Latin American countries’ Independence Day: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Activities include an opening reception, lectures, panel discussion and movies.

Sponsors for the observance’s events include the Latino Student Union, the Office of Multicultural Programs, the Multicultural Center, and the Black Student Cultural Programming Board.

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  2. hey paula i love and support what you did and we just got finished watching your movie and i love it and we were just wondering we wanted you to come speak in our spanish class it would be awesome if you were willing to do this for us. Comment back and i will give you the details hopefully everything will work out? BYE.

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