Deborah Armbruster “Maternal Instincts…”

Deborah Armbruster “Maternal Instincts: Lessons Learned from Nursing, Midwifery, & Motherhood”
Birth Circle Event
Saturday, September 22, 2007, 5-8pm

United Campus Ministry
18 N. College St., Athens, Ohio
Free and open to the public

Deborah Armbruster, CNM, Fellow ACNM, advocates for active management of the third stage of labor as Director of Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage Initiative at the Program for Appropriate Technology for Health, an international nonprofit. Traveling to numerous Asian and Central American countries, she provides training, materials, and resource development to improve maternal and newborn health. Ms. Armbruster also works with midwives in the US, sharing her training, materials, and resource development expertise.

Ms. Armbruster graduated from Athens High School and Ohio University. She also served in the Peace Corps and Liberia and has worked in more than 20 different countries as an advocate for women’s reproductive healthcare issues.

Please join us for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and an inspiring talk by an outstanding advocate of mother’s health and newborn well-being. A special invitation goes out to those who work with mothers and babies or those who are interested in joining the maternal-child health field. Please share information with friends, family and colleagues who may be interested!

Please note that this special talk takes the place of our regular Birth Circle monthly meeting for September. Due to the limits of the space and format of the talk we will be unable to provide childcare, so please make arrangements for caring for your mobile little ones!

Contact: 740-592-5875 or visit


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