Literacy: Empowered to Learn for a Lifetime

Literacy: Empowered to Learn for a Lifetime
Literacy Center 7th Annual Kickoff
Luncheon Keynote Speaker Dr. Bertice Berry

Friday, September 14, 2007, 8 AM-4 PM
Baker University Center Ballroom
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

In partnership with Upward Bound, the Kennedy Lecture Series, and Appalachia Reads, the Literacy Center will bring Dr. Bertice Berry as the Luncheon Keynote Speaker to Literacy: Empowered to Learn for a Lifetime. Student speakers will also share their success stories and the impact Literacy has had on their lives and their families. Staff from our regional ABLE Programs, tutors with AppalCORPS, and many others will be attending and participating in professional development training workshops all day.

The university community is invited to attend as well, for a nominal registration fee of $10 to cover the luncheon. This registration fee provides you with access to the entire day’s activities and workshops. We look forward to sharing our professional development day with you.

Bertice Berry is an author, inspirational speaker, doctor of sociology, television host, and former stand-up comedian. “No one defies stereotypes, generalizations, or cliches more than Dr. Berry. Growing up poor, Bertice was told by a high school teacher that she was ‘not college material.’ Bertice not only graduated magna cum laude from Jacksonville University, she subsequently earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from Kent State at the age of 26.”



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