Calliope Feminist Choir

Calliope Feminist Choir
Open Rehearsals for New Members
Monday, September 10 & September 17, 2007, 6-8pm

Christ Lutheran Church
69 Mill St, Athens, Ohio

Coming into its thirteenth year, Calliope Feminist Choir announces 2 open rehearsals. Interested women singers are encouraged to attend.

Calliope Feminist Choir is a group of nearly forty women committed to sharing music that reflects feminist values and highlights the beauty of women s voices. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Nancy Pierce, Calliope performs music that honors and promotes justice, peace, equality, and right relationship with the earth. –UCM newsletter, April 2006



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  1. […] entertainment by CALLIOPE FEMINIST CHOIR and the Greg Bikowski jazz […]

  2. […] Calliope Feminist Choir is excited to announce the availability of childcare for singers during rehearsals. Two open rehearsals, Nov. 5 and 12, will allow interested women who need child care to come participate while their children are watched by students from the service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. […]

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