Cesarean Prevention

Cesarean Prevention
Birth Circle Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, July 25, 7-9 pm

Athens Branch, Athens Co. Public Library
Home St, Athens, Ohio
Free and open to the public

The Birth Circle would like to invite you to attend our monthly meeting on Cesarean prevention.

Giving birth via a Cesarean section is a major surgery with all of the complications and concerns that go with a surgical operation. A few women have definite medical reasons that require giving birth by Cesarean delivery. Many women don’t have these medical indications, and if you do not have these medical indications and you prefer to have your child vaginally, come to this meeting. We’ll share strategies that moms and dads can use and should avoid in order to increase the likelihood of a vaginal birth. We’ll also discuss ways to keep your birth as normal as possible just in case your baby comes into our world via cesarean delivery.

Brandi Holloway, Certified Childbirth Educator (ICEA) and Doula (DONA — a Doula is a birth helper) will moderate the discussion. Come early to visit with each other — this is one of our most popular topics! If you’re new, ask for Brandi or a board member and we’ll introduce you to some other folks.

Also, hear birth stories by recent moms and dads, ask questions of attendees, and discuss other topics of interest, too. Often, local doulas/birth helpers and independent childbirth educators come, too, whom you can meet.

Information: http://www.athensbirthcircle.org/ or call Brandi at 740-592-5875.


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