Birding by Kayak

Birding by Kayak
Touch the Earth Adventures
July 21, August 4, September 15, 2007

Kayaks, equipment, instruction provided on lakes of southeast Ohio.

Quiet your soul and heart, listen in stillness, watch in wonderment and learn in amazement as Julie Davis, nicknamed the “Bird Whisperer” by Mimi Morrison, shares her incredible expertise on birds.

Mimi and Julie take you out by kayak to special places they treasure. Birdsong is a language for all people to share. Come and meet the little feathered ones as their tender voices communicate with one another and you.

Contact: Mimi Morrison 740-591-9094 or 740-592-3496

TOUCH THE EARTH ADVENTURES is my life mission to inspire women to be in tune with our Earth and to be empowered through hiking, kayaking and cycling adventures. I invite you to experience the power and magic of our living planet. Together with new friends we will make lifetime memories from these challenging yet supportive outdoor adventures in Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Everything is planned–all you need to do is journey with Touch the Earth Adventures and make this a year for you. — Mimi Morrison


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