Retreat: From the Root–Women Reclaim Food and Land

From the Root: Women Reclaim Food and Land
Friday, August 10–Sunday, August 12, 2007

Niches Retreat (
Locust Grove Road, McArthur, Ohio

A workshop at Niches Retreat for women of all ages addressing the intersecting issues of food, nutrition, body image, and importance of women’s connection to the land in creating healthy, sustainable communities.  Led by Sara DeAloia (, MS, Environmental Studies, and Nicole Novak, Holistic Nutritionist.

Earthtouch and Niches Retreat, two neighboring nonprofits, merged in 2006. We are now one organization called Earthtouch. Earthtouch owns and operates Niches Retreat while pursuing new ways to expand its offerings on its 300+ acre nature preserve. Supported through donations, in-kind support, grants, and volunteer efforts, our purpose is to connect people and nature through land preservation and experience.

More info: information -at- or 740.596.4288


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