Celebrate “Far HoriZINN” w/ Potluck Celebration

Celebrate “Far HoriZINN”
Potluck Celebration
Wednesday, July 4, 12 noon-4pm
Athens County, Ohio

All womyn and children are invited! The special occasion will be the honoring of Marty (Martha) Zinn who is the longest serving board member SuBAMUH has ever had. She served from the very first board meeting in 1992 until 2007 for a total of 15 years and probably 100 meetings.

Zinn lives at the intentional community, Currents, a few miles from SuBAMUH and has been invaluable to us in so many ways – her experiences in intentional living communities, her skill in conflict resolution, her extensive knowledge of group process and consensus.

We will begin with a noon potluck. About 1:30 we’ll take a hike up to the highest point on SuBAMUH land (about 1000′) and place a bench, in honor of Martha having “sat on the board”, dedicating the spot as Far HoriZINN. We will return by way of the pond for a swim and probably conclude around 4 pm. Please plan to be with us to honor this terrific womyn and name a new site at SuBAMUH.

SuBAMUH (http://home.frognet.net/~sbamuh/) is an Athens Ohio-area womyn’s intentional living and educational community known by the initials of SuBAMUH (formed from its very long name Susan B. Anthony Memorial Unrest Home, pronounced Suh Bam’ Uh).


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