“Angels and Wings” Multi-Media Dance Theater Performance

“Angels and Wings” Multi-Media Dance Theater Performance
8 PM: Friday, March 9 & Saturday, March 10
2 PM: Saturday, March 10

ARTS/West (http://artswest.blogspot.com/)
132 W. State St, Athens, Ohio
adults $8; 16 & under $5; under 5 free

Choregraphed and directed by Missy Whaley.
Video and sound by Steve Fetsch.

Collaborating with: Jeanette Amon, Wendy McVicker, Star Mary Castro, Corina Dalzell, Kevin Vaught, Jen Rusynyk, Haley Dulham, Psyche Castro, Emily Prince, Jack Wright, Tony Adami, David Noyce, Sam Chamberlain, Nancy Beres, Berry Dilley, Bruce and Gay Dalzell, Andrew Lampela, Dinner of Swords and many, many members of the Athens Community.

Choreographer Missy Whaley helped Angels and Wings participants develop their own performances that gave expression to an experience shared by other community member. Video artist Steve Fetsch and lighting designer Dennis Cornell worked with participating visual artists. Missy guided these performances and visual elements and wove them into the public performance.

The Ohio Arts Council helped fund this program with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans. Additional financial support from the Athens Foundation. Digital video equipment was generously provided by the Athens County Library Services.

Tickets available at Arts/West or at the door ( If someone has special finacial needs contact ARTS/West 592-4315)

Contact: 740-592-4315


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