Melissa Luna on Employment Law for Future Professionals

Melissa Luna on Employment Law for Future Professionals
Thursday, March 1, 5-6 PM

Room 235, New Baker Center (
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Ohio Attorney Melissa Luna will speak on:
* Expunging a Criminal Record before going on the Job Market
* Questions An Interviewer Cannot Ask
* Signing a “Non-Compete” Agreement
* Discrimination Complaint Process
* “At Will” vs. “Just Cause” Termination
* Wrongful Termination

Melissa Luna is a staff attorney at the Center for Student Legal Services ( She is a native of Los Angeles and holds a master’s degree in sociology from New York University, and a law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School. She is licensed to practice in the states of Ohio and Idaho. Prior to attending law school, Ms. Luna worked in the domestic violence field as a community educator. She has experience in employment, landlord/tenant, consumer, and family law and held a position at Portland State University’s Student Legal and Mediation Services.
Contact: csls_luna -at-


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