Real Food Revival: Relationships (or Aphrodisiacs)

Real Food Revival: Relationships (or Aphrodisiacs)
Sunday, February 25, 5pm

The Wire
21 Kern St., Athens, Ohio

Join us for another Real Food Revival! Theme: Relationships (or Aphrodisiacs) — bring a food that you have a relationship with and the story that goes along with it. Don’t forget to BRING YOUR RECIPE. Finally, at last month’s Revival, we picked themes for the next few Revivals.
They are (subject to change):
March: Fermented Foods
April: Poetry
May: Substitutes
June: Picnic (Wild, Scavenged, Hunted, Gathered)
July: Raw Foods August: Cool Foods

The Wire is a collective of community members from Athens County and the surrounding area. We strive towards non-hierarchical organizing and consensus building. We are local business owners, students, teachers, anarchists, computer geeks, activists, bike mechanics, punks, musicians, artists, farmers, hippies, and workers. (

Contact: Sara D, dealoias -at-, 740-592-1425


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