8th Annual Health Fair

8th Annual Health Fair
Tuesday, February 27, 8:30am-3:30pm

Hocking College Multiplex Center ( http://www.hocking.edu/)
3301 Hocking Parkway, Nelsonville, Ohio
Open to the public

Creating awareness of how healthy habits influence a more healthful lifestyle is the goal of the eighth annual Health Fair hosted by the School of Health and Nursing at Hocking College (http://www.hocking.edu/academics/schools/health_and_nursing/). Students research topics and develop presentation methods for sharing information throughout the day. Nursing instructors Bev Kubachka and Tammy Keith work with students to coordinate the event. While there will be exhibits, the event is largely interactive. There will also be door prizes and other giveaways.

A sampling of the many activities throughout the day include: cholesterol checks ($5), nutritional content of food, blood pressure checks, height and weight checks, smokeless tobacco/smoking cessation, drug and alcohol cessation, stress management, skin cancer, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, pandemic flu, breast self-exams, exercise across the life span, contraception, diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. (http://www.hocking.edu/communication_center/news/health_fair.htm)

Contact: Beverly Kubachka kubachka_b -at- hocking.edu 1-877-426-5464
Directions: http://www.hocking.edu/calls_to_action/visit/directions_to_campus.htm


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