Peer Mediation: School, A Reflection of the Community

Film Viewing and Discussion: ‘Peer Mediation: School, A Reflection of the Community’
Discussants: Ann Shoemake and Rick Kraince

Thursday, February 22, 5pm
Yamada International House Seminar Room (
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Sponsored by Southeast Asian Studies (

Ms. Ann Shoemake was awarded a Fulbright Dissertation Research Fellowship for the 2005-2006 academic year. She has served as a Field Leader for OU’s Inter-Religious Dialogue and Exchange Program. Ms. Shoemake is a Ph.D. candidate at Ohio University’s College of Communication. She has worked extensively with Indonesian NGOs concentrating on the organizational side of conflict resolution and refugee education efforts. Ms. Shoemake is currently formulating a dissertation research project focusing on how grassroots NGOs have responded to conflict in Eastern Indonesia. She has expertise in facilitating program development within Indonesian organizations and has significant experience promoting women’s participation in NGO affairs. She is also fluent in the Indonesian language.


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