Two “Green-Pink Party” Benefits

TWO Green-Pink Party Benefits on Friday, Feb 16, 2007! One is 6-8pm, the other begins at 9pm so you can go to both! (

Green-Pink Party (ONE)
Friday, Feb 16, 6-8 PM

Women’s Center, Baker Center 403 (
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Women from Latino Student Union, Advocates for Healthcare Reform (, and Women’s Studies Feminist Undergraduate Network (WSFUN) ( have come together to fight obstetric fistula.

We invite you to OU’s new Women’s Center for a Green Pink Party. The Green Pink Project is a partnership between the Sierra Club ( and One by One (, an organization dedicated to fighting obstetric fistula.

Obstetric fistula, a devastating childbirth injury caused by unrelieved obstructed labor, affects women and girls living in poverty in the developing world. As a result of their injuries, fistula sufferers leak urine, and sometimes feces, causing others to shun them. Most are relegated to the edges of society, unable to board a bus or share a meal with others.

For those who can’t access treatment, their suffering and isolation is life-long. But fistula is both preventable and treatable. On average, fistula repair surgery costs a mere $300. Such treatment enables women to return to society and teach other women about obstetric fistula and the importance of family planning.

The funds raised during our Green-Pink Party will directly sponsor a surgery to treat fistula.

We will be showing video clips and having a discussion session.
Refreshments will be provided.
Contact: cm663604 -at-

Green Pink Party (TWO)
Friday, Feb 16, 9 pm

21 Brown Ave, Athens, Ohio (off of Walker St behind ARTS/West)
$4 suggested donation

If formal events are not to your liking, please attend our benefit party with performances from Athen’s own White Album ( and Kaslo (!! A variety of refreshments will be provided.
Contact: an168103 -at


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