OU Women’s Dialogues on Diversity

OU Women’s Dialogues on Diversity
Wednesday, January 24, 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Ohio University College of Education (http://www.coe.ohiou.edu/)
McCracken Hall, Room 311 (http://www.ohiou.edu/athens/bldgs/mccracken.html)
Lunch will be served.

A discussion among diverse women students of Ohio University about the multiple identities of women, featuring College of Education students Janice Collins, Fanta Diamanka, Pittaya Paladroi and Leslie Jo Shelton. How does our position or standpoint as women influence our access to education and our life experiences? How do women work together across our differences for equity and social justice? Women have multiple identities and different experiences that align us with different groups beyond our gender. At the same time, we may also have experiences that we share due to our gendered position. This panel will seek to address women’s concerns as they emerge across cultures. We hope to broaden and expand our discussion of diversity and education by examining the ways that our multiple identities shape our lives in different ways, and where we can find common ground. Please come and participate in this important discussion.

Sponsored by: Dean’s Advisory Committee on Diversity
For information contact: Frans Doppen, chair doppen@ohio.edu


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