Women Today and Yesterday

Women Today and Yesterday
The show has been appearing regularly on Channel 23, Athens (Ohio) Community TV, Friday evening at 6:30 PM and Sunday afternoon at 3 PM. Also plays at various times during the week. Lois Whealey has produced about a dozen shows over the past three months.

This week’s interview (week of Jan. 5-12, 2007) is with Debbie Phillips.

Upcoming in January:
Ronda Clark, Community Food Initiatives, taping on 9th
Jane Forrest Redfern, Rural Action, taping on 23rd
I’m looking for a reproductive CHOICE advocate for Jan. 16.

Nan Mykel, long-time ACTV supporter, has aided in taping. We have a problem with the sound sometimes. I usually tape Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm. Please contact me if you have suggestions for women to interview, or technical tips.

Contact: Lois Whealey lw182104 -at- ohio.edu.


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