Feminist Action Together (FAT) Meeting

Feminist Action Together (FAT) Meeting
Thursday, January 4, 4PM

Athens Branch, Athens County Public Library (https://www.athenscounty.lib.oh.us/branch.html)
30 Home St, Athens, Ohio

Our group is called Feminist Action Together or FAT. We are women who work on feminist issues and projects that come to our attention, are important, and manageable. We have been meeting for several years and invite you to join with us on planning our upcoming project, “Intergenerational Dialogue on Feminist Activism,” scheduled for 3PM, Feb 10, 2007.

We are meeting this Thursday to continue planning our event DESCRIBED BELOW, which will take place immediately following the Open House at OU’s new Women’s Center on Feb. 10. Please join us at the Library if you are interested. We’d be so glad to meet you/see you again! If you are interested but cannot attend this Thursday meeting, e-mail Judy Daso at daso -at- ohio.edu.

This dialogue is proposed to follow the opening celebration of the OU Women’s Center (http://www.ohiou.edu/~poise/06fall/health/womcenter.html) in the new Baker University Center (http://www.ohio.edu/center/) either in the center itself or a nearby meeting room. The questions for panelists would be:
1. What currently inspires you as a feminist activist?
2. Tell us about some actions/activism you have been involved in during the past year
3. What do you see that no one is doing that needs to be done at OU in Athens County?

We expect to have about 6 panelists. Each will be asked to speak for 3-5 minutes. Then we will break up into small, intergenerational groups of 4-5 and talk together for 20 minutes, then come back to share in a larger group, with the hope that the program would be completed by 4:30.


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