Kathleen Daikai WarEagle “Finding Compassion”

Kathleen Daikai WarEagle “Finding Compassion” The Toolbox for Mindfulness Series
Thursday, Nov 16, 7:30 PM

Athens Public Library (https://www.athenscounty.lib.oh.us/branch.html)
Athens, Ohio
Free and Open to the Public!

Our Toolbox for Mindfulness Series speaker, Kathleen Daikai WarEagle, will give a lecture on ways of developing a healthy sense of giving and receiving.

By taking one’s mind off one’s own personal misery and by seeking to relieve the misery of others, a burden is lifted from the self. Compassion is also an art of developing a receptive grace toward the gifts others have to offer. By accepting the help or kindness of others with respectful gratitude, the giver’s being becomes enhanced.

The final installment of the Series will be on Thursday, December 21, 7:30 PM “Concentration / One Pointedness”

Rev. KC DaiKai WarEagle, Soto Zen Priest
Athens Zen Center (http://www.athenszencenter.org/)


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