Tina Triplett “A-Z Collection of Random Information”

Tina Triplett “A-Z Collection of Random Information”
Art in the Library
Artist Reception: Wednesday November 8, 7 -8:30
November 1-27 Ongoing

Athens Branch, Athens County Public Library (https://www.athenscounty.lib.oh.us/branch.html)
30 Home St, Athens, Ohio

Tina Triplett, a master at mixed media, seeks to delight the viewer with the onslaught of information that ushers in a cohesive message. She challenges the viewer to find the message by using letters and pictures. A-Z is a show that challenges the viewer to concentrate on a letter of the alphabet as currents of information dances on the surface of the work.Tina ushers in a glut of information with which we care continuously bombarded.

“Most of this information is completely unrelated in subject and substance, but as we file it in our brains, it forms a sequence or order that eventually morphs into a seamless story of our learning process through media consumption. Using random information and images and through utilization of a most basic and elementary tool, the alphabet, I depict in this series of work, the development of language and content into ideas with context.”


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