Women’s March in OU Homecoming Parade

Women’s March in OU Homecoming Parade THIS Saturday 10/21 9:30am
Come and join us!

In earlier posts I may have made it sound like all of our marchers represent groups. That is not true. We are welcoming, urging individual women to join us and help carry banners, etc. for the entire group.

You don’t need to bring a sign. You don’t need to wear a costume. Just come!

Banner making

We have these large horizontal banners to carry:
1. “Back on the Bricks 2006: Honoring Past & Present Women’s Marches”
2. “On the bricks for Voting Rights and Educational Equity”
3. “On the bricks for Safe Homes and Safe Streets”
4. “Celebrate Women’s History and Ohio’s Year of the Woman”
5. “Womanpower”

The weather on Saturday is supposed to be good, so I hope you are looking forward to this event. It will be good to meet all of you! There are still a couple of days for making plans and asking questions, AND encouraging your friends to join us. It should be fun and we hope it will be good publicity for the women’s community in Athens.

“We’re still here. We’re proud of our past. We’re excited about the new Women’s Center” and all those kinds of messages.

Watt is parallel to May Ave. but is closer to town, and runs mostly between Elmwood and Maplewood. That is where we’ll be between our 7:55 check in until the parade begins.

It would be very helpful if we knew how many women now plan to be walking with us. We have extra banners, “historical” t-shirts a few women can borrow, etc. We just need to know how much to bring!

And, please give your estimate of what time you will line up with us. If you cannot make 7:55, what time before the 9:30 absolute deadline?

Our HERSTORY group is number 207 in the parade!

The parade will go up Morris Ave. to Carpenter and the wrong way up Court Street, turn to go on Union Street in front of Baker Center (the President and distinguished people sit on the porch of Baker Center) and then go down University Terrace by the Oasis. We are finished at the Oasis.

Remember the rules: Nobody in the parade can stop to chant or anything. The parade has to keep moving as much as possible. NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO THROW ANYTHING–candy, etc. but some groups may hand candy out one by one as we keep moving.

Attached is a photo of banner-making in Alden Library: Janet, Judy, Sandy, and Betsy pictured.

Thanks again.
Judy Daso
daso at ohio.edu


3 Responses

  1. So far 4-6 AAUW women will be there, along with a couple League of Women Voters reps, Herstory group, and OU students Women Acting for Change.

  2. Great story covering the event and a picture in the Post at http://thepost.baker.ohiou.edu/articles/2006/10/23/news/15676.html

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