Claude AnShin Thomas “Ending War, Living Peace”

Claude AnShin Thomas — “Ending War, Living Peace”
Galbreath Chapel at OU (
Sunday, Oct 22 3:30pm
Presented by the Athens Zen Center (

Claude AnShin Thomas ( is a Zen Priest and the author of the award-winning book AT HELL’S GATE: A SOLDIER’S JOURNEY FROM WAR TO PEACE (Shambhala Press) (, a spiritual biography that traces his life from a Midwestern boy to a decorated Vietnam veteran.

In his post-war years where depression, intoxicants and shame led to a life of homelessness, an encounter with Vietnamese Monk Thich Nhat Hanh changed his life. After studying with him Claude was ordained a Zen Priest by Roshi Bernie Glassman and has devoted his time and energy towards the goal of peace.

AnShin has made many pilgrimages over the years in the name of peace, walking from Auschwitz to Hiroshima as well as traveling across the United States, Israel, and the Balkans. He has walked over 15,000 miles. He has worked extensively with the homeless, veterans and the incarcerated. Claude states that “the roots of war exist in each of us and are hidden in conditioning from our family and social and cultural experiences. Buddhist practice helps me become conscious of that conditioning so I can deconstruct. Then healing and transformation can take place.”


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