Handmade paper pulp paintings by Eve Reid

“Dawn to Dawn: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter”
Handmade paper pulp paintings by Eve Reid

Oct 16-Nov 17, 9-8 M-Th & 9-5 F
Patricia Scott Memorial Gallery
Ohio Univeristy-Chillicothe (http://oucweb.chillicothe.ohiou.edu/)
free and open to the public

Experience a day of every season, in one room. “For each hour of a day in each season, I have watched and listened to time passing and noted my thoughts,” Reid says. “These observations are translated into this body of work. On one level, these are simple landscapes. On another level, they reflect the passage of time in all season of the year and life. On a personal level, the landscape is a metaphor for me, changing with the time of day and seasons.”

Eve Reid earned a B.S. from Wayne State University, B.A. from Washburn, University of Topeka, her M.F.A. from Western Michigan University. Currently she is an adjunct assistant professor at Western Michigan University and has co-taught the summer papermaking program for Central Michigan University. Reid established the Papermaking Department at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art and founded the Hand Papermaking Guild for Southwestern Michigan. She has researched papermaking in both Korea and Japan, and has exhibited there, as well as, the United States, Canada and Europe.
Contact: mcadamsm@ohio.edu


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