Power of the People: Bottom-up Solutions to Hunger

“Power of the People: Bottom-up Solutions to Hunger”
World Food Day Teleconference
Monday, Oct 16, Noon-3PM

Yamada International House Seminar Room (http://www.ohiou.edu/athens/bldgs/burson.html)
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

“Power of the People: Bottom-up Solutions to Hunger”: A panel discussion on ways grassroots activism seeks to address the hunger crisis. The panelists will discuss broad range of topics include the expanding role of individual activists, non-governmental organizations, the Information Revolution, grassroots movements and debt relief for poor nations.

Hosted by Ray Suarez, a senior correspondent with the PBS Jim Lehrer NewsHour. Suarez will lead a discussion among three notable hunger experts about grassroots activism to address the world hunger crisis.
* Dr. Makanjuola Olaseinde Arigbede is a Nigerian medical doctor with 25 years’ experience as a development activist (http://www.fao.org/sard/en/init/1364/1809/1402/1415/)
* Eva Clayton is a former U.S. congresswoman who served as assistant director general of the United Nations World Food and Agriculture Organization (http://www.ncspin.com/ncnotables.2005.09.08.php)
* Dr. Deepa Narayan is the World Bank’s senior adviser for poverty reduction and economic management. She is lead author of the much-acclaimed, three-volume publication, VOICES OF THE POOR (http://alice.library.ohiou.edu/search/c?SEARCH=HC79.P6+V65+2002)

Contact: Assistant Director of Communication for the Center for International Studies Jennifer Cochran, 740-593-1842 or cochraj1@ohio.edu


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