Informed Childbirth Education Class Series

Childbirth Classes — Informed Childbirth Education Class Series
Early November, Athens, Ohio
The Birth Circle (
There will be an 7 week series of Childbirth Education Classes beginning in early November. These classes are designed to inform expectant parents about the most up-to date scientific evidence relating to pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period from a holistic perspective.

These classes provide preparation for natural childbirth (at home or in the hospital) while cultivating an acceptance of all outcomes. They present a consumer-oriented, woman and family centered approach, which emphasizes meeting challenges and nurturing yourselves and your baby. Informed Childbirth classes are designed to help you develop skills to work with your body and the process of labor and birth.

If you need help paying for Childbirth Education Classes or Doula services, The Birth Circle may be able to help! Visit for more information about the Childbirth Ed/Doula Program. If you would like more information about Informed Childbirth Education classes, please contact Brandi Holloway, ICCE, CD at 740-592-5875 or email hollowaygrady at


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