Angels & Wings: Community Dance Project

Angels & Wings: Community Dance Project Explores “Close to Death” Experiences
Tuesday October 17th, 6 PM – Pot luck and near death experience rap session

Missy Whaley, Project Leader, Dancer and Choreographer
ARTS/West (, Athens, Ohio

Potluck rap sessions and video and dance workshops are offered throughout the months of October and November at ARTS/West, and are open to the public, including those not involved in the project. Date TBA in October, Film and Audio Workshop led by Steve Fetsch (suggested donation fee $20.00).

The Athens community is invited to participate in the creation of a dance theatre piece investigating close to death experiences. Through intensive oral history work, video and dance, participants will develop a relationship with a community member who has had an experience with death, and will create a solo work to be woven into a final evening-length piece to be performed in the spring.

“Close to death” is meant to be interpreted according to the subject’s point of view. For example: Has someone you love had cancer? Has your lifetime pet passed away? Have you been to war? Have you been with someone as they died? Anyone seeking to express their creative voice or share their story is welcome to participate. Experience is not necessary. “Angels and Wings” is presented in partnership with ARTS/West, Athens Friends Meeting and the Athens community. Funding by Athens Foundation (, ARTS/West and the Ohio Arts Council (

About Missy Whaley: Since 1989 when Melissa Whaley started her dance company, MinDCollision, her intention has been to bring art and the artistic process directly to communities. She has created several solos, duets, and trios, and her participants are often a blend of professionals and non-trained community members. Melissas work explores the use of dance, words, music and film to present a rich multi-layering of images and experiences that capture the diversity and complexity of the human spirit. “I see myself as the person holding [Angels & Wings], but it will take shape and form as other people’s energy goes into it. I will, with commitment and work, allow it to be created, but I don’t want to control it. Together we’re creating art for a bigger purpose.” For interviews or additional information contact Missy at 740-797-7107 or missyw4peace at


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