Art in the Library: Bonnie Proudfoot & Liz Blair

10/1-10/27 Art in the Library: Bonnie Proudfoot & Liz Blair
Athens Public Library, 30 Home St., Athens, Ohio

Bonnie Proudfoot “Pages from the Book of Glass”
During this month Hocking College Instructor Bonnie Proudfoot displays ten of her recent stained glass pieces. Bonnie began working with stained glass in 1977, in Buffalo NY, mass producing “Tiffany-style” lamps. Her work has evolved to focus on color, light and line in a way that pays tribute to design, to techniques of construction, to the luster and color of exquiste materials, and to creative process itself. Her experiments include heated and fused glass.

“Flowers” by Liz Blair
Liz has loved arts and crafts but she has only been making paintings to show and sell for the last two years. Her paintings are an outlet for her crative drive, which seem to show itself whether she wants to or not. Although she paints large flowers, it has never been her intentional or unintentional desire to be Georgia O’Keefe. Liz believes in her own vision and she is a fan of Matisse, with his bright colors and simple shapes.


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